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Scaling up COVID-19 testing

Improving the performance of medical laboratories and reducing the cost and time of testing

Laboratory Optimizer for Mass Testing (LOMT) is open source software for the management of COVID-19 pool testing. It allows to test from 2 to 30 times more people with the existing resources of a laboratory by reducing the quantity of assays, reagent consumption and the time spent for each test.

Use cases

The program is a tool for laboratory personnel. It designs the specimens mixing plan, tracks specimens and assays, and decodes the results of specimens according to the results of assays completed. The testing strategy involves an ensemble of methods from plain grouping samples into pools to more complex algorithms with bisection, combinatorial and probability analysis.

The program offers a user-friendly visual guide for manual pipetting and results decoding, as well as can be integrated with the laboratory information system and laboratory robotics.


The program modifies only the organizational process at the intermediate stage between the preparation of samples and the performing of assays, and does not require additional equipment or materials other than those already used by the laboratory. The program is implemented as a cloud application running in a web browser without installation on any desktop computer, laptop, and tablet. It can be also installed in a laboratory or at the enterprise IT infrastructure for large scale deployments.

How it works

The objective is to detect rare positives with the minimal quantity of assays spent or minimal time to complete all the assays.

The program splits a batch of samples into groups. The samples from each group are combined in a single assay. The results of the assays are evaluated by the program: it marks the samples definitely detected as negative or positive, and plans the next stage for the uncertain samples left.

The mixing, assay, and evaluation steps continue until all the samples have been marked as negative or positive ones.


Release 0.9.5 / 2020-06-02

An automated search of the optimial pooling strategy for an estimated prevalence

Release 0.9 / 2020-05-01

A visual mixing guide optimized for tablet and laptop/transformer devices

Release 0.8 / 2020-04-26

User interface improvements of the samples mixing step

Release 0.6 / 2020-04-21

A GUI cloud app

Release 0.3 / 2020-04-08

Batches and alogrithms management library, command line interface


Laboratory Optimizer for Mass Testing
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